A number of committees are formed each year to assist in managing the business of the CSA.  Members of current CSA committees for the 2020/2021 fiscal year are listed below.  These committees meet mainly electronically throughout the year in order to deliver their objectives.

CAPS signifies where the By-Laws dictate the position.
The person listed first is the Chairperson of the committee.

Finance & Revenue Generation:
Michele Korteweg – PRESIDENT
Alison Sly-Adams
Jenny Trumble
Bastien Pouthier

Michele Korteweg- PRESIDENT
Rana Lewis

Tamsin Rand – SECRETARY
Jaime Torres – TREASURER
Dan Jaspers
Kemoir Martin

Peter Holmberg
Alison Sly-Adams
Jaime Torres
Tamsin Rand

Sailing Development – overall committee
Alison Sly-Adams
Pat Bailey
Tamsin Rand – calendar
Elizabeth Jordan
Ellen Birrell
Dan Jaspers
Tim Cross
Kathyrn Christopher

Rating Rule:
Bastien Pouthier – CHIEF MEASURER and Chief Technical Officer Main Rule
David Walworth – Chief Technical Officer Multihull Rule
Jaime Torres
Sandy Mair

Conference Planning Committee:
Alison Sly-Adams
Michele Korteweg

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