Yacht Charter Options

Yacht Charter Options


Race Charter options for Caribbean events are varied. Take a look at the options below- all links lead directly to the charter companies website.


The Caribbean Sailing Association offers this listing for convenience only.  CSA makes no representations or warranties with respect to the boats offered or the individuals and companies they are offered by.  CSA highly recommends exercising due diligence prior to confirming charters.


Yacht Name Charter Company Raceboat Type Model LOA
Black Jack LV Yachting High Performace Catamaran TS5 52′
Challenger Spartan Ocean Racing Dedicated Raceboat VO 60 60′
Childhood 1/Ambersail 2 LV Yachting Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat VO 65 65′
Conviction Barbados Offshore Sailing Syndicate Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat TP 52 52′
EH01 Global Yacht Racing Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 47.7 47′
El Ocaso Caribbean Yacht Racing Ltd. Cruiser/Racer J 122 40′
Escapado Sail Racing Academy Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40.7 40′
Emily of Cowes Team Emily Ltd. Cruiser/Racer Elan 450 45′
Figaro 3 LV Yachting Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat Beneteau Figaro 3 34′
FireBall Anarchy Sailing Race Charters Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40.7 40′
First 40 LV Yachting Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40 40′
Green Dragon Green Dragon Sailing Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat VO 70 70′
Jellyfish LV Yachting Performance Racer/Cruiser Sunfast 3600 36′
Jua Kali Global Yacht Racing Cruiser/Racer Grand Soleil 43 43′
Katsu LV Yachting Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat RP 45 45′
Lancelot 2 Sailing Logic Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40 40′
Noisy Oyster  Noisy Oyster Cruiser/Racer J 122 40′
Ocean Racers Ocean Racers Performance Racer/Cruiser Pogo 12.5 40′
Pata Negra LV Yachting Performance Racer/Cruiser Swan 80 80′
Phan LV Yachting Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat GP 42 42′
Riff Raff LV Yachting Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat Cookson 50 CK 50′
Scarlet Oyster Scarlet Oyster Sailing Team Cruiser/Racer Oyster 48 48′
Sidney 2 LV Yachting Cruiser/Racer Grand Soleil 50 50′
SISI The Austrian Ocean Race Project Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat VO 65 65′
Spirit of Athena  Ondeck Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40.7 40′
Spirit of Juno Ondeck Dedicated Raceboat Farr 65 65′
Spirit of Venus Ondeck Cruiser/Racer Beneteau First 40.7 40′
Spirit/Valiant National Sailing Academy Sport Boat Cork 1720 24′
Sunrise LV Yachting Cruiser/Racer JPK 1180 40′
The Project Monster Marine Cruiser/Racer Sigma 38 38′
Ultim Emotion II Grand Large Motion Dedicated Full Carbon Raceboat Custom 80′ Trimaran 80′
Umiko LV Yachting Cruiser/Racer Swan 80 80′


Companies that may offer boats owned by the company (some of which may be listed above) as well as boats for third parties for which they provide the same level of support in the event. These companies can assist you in selecting the correct boat for your crew and experience.

Dream Yacht Charter Bareboats & Motherships – monohull & multihull
Atlas Ocean Racing Volvo Ocean 60, Volvo Ocean 64ft
Ondeck Beneteau 40.7, Dehler 39, Farr 65, J130
LV Yachting VO 65, First 40, Marc Lombard 46, Swan 80
Global Yacht Racing Beneteau First 47.7, Grand Soleil 43
Sailing Logic Beneateau First 40
Sunsail Bareboats – monohulls & multihulls


Bareboats are whole boats without skipper that comply with the regatta requirements for Bareboat Class.

Whole Boat Race Charters are available with or without skipper and race in CSA racing classes or multihull classes.

Head Boats charter individual crew places on a boat with others – a great way to experience an event and meet new people.


If you own a race charter boat and would like us to consider listing it on www.caribbean-saiing.com, please email us at news@caribbean-sailing.com.

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