Resort Instructor Programme

Resort Instructor Programme

The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) recognizes how a water sports instructor plays an integral role ensuring resort guests have a safe, enjoyable and positive experience while on vacation.

Through consultation with various hotels and holiday resorts in Antigua, along with other interested parties across the region, the Antigua National Sailing Academy and the CSA identified an issue with the current training requirements of the water sports teams on resorts and the level of training in place. While for many staff the courses do mean that water sports staff are trained to operate a small power boat it does NOT train them on how to instruct guests using sailing craft and provide safety management in a resort environment.

The CSA has therefore created a Resort Instructor Course. In Antigua the course is supported by the Antigua Department for Maritime Services (ADOMS) as per the Small Craft Control Act.

The Resort Instructor Course provides the essential training required to manage the safe and effective delivery of water-based activities.  The 3-day course is split into three fundamental one-day modules, these include:

  • Safety management Systems
  • Customer service.
  • Instructing a Discover Water Sports Session.


The recommended pre-requisites for participants to join the course include;

  • Trainees must be 18 years and over
  • A valid nationally recognized powerboat drivers license
  • A valid 1st Aid certificate recognized nationally
  • Evidenced personal competency in the water sport discipline they are seeking qualification for;
  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Multihull (Beach Cat Sailing)
  • Windsurfing

If participants attend the course without satisfying the pre-requisites and they successfully complete the Safety Management and Customer Service modules of the training course their course completion certificate will be endorsed appropriately.

1.0       Safety Management Systems

The course recognizes that the safety of guests, staff and members of the public is a priority.  During the course the participants will develop an understanding of how to practically implement and adhere to safety management systems used by a resort to manage the safety of those with whom it is required to provide a Duty of Care.

  • Providing a Safety Briefing – The course will teach the importance of providing a safety briefing to guests prior to them taking part in water sport activities. Conscientious consideration will be given to the contents of the brief with each course participant having the opportunity to demonstrate their confidence and accuracy by delivering a brief during their training.
  • Safety craft use – Small motorboats provide an important safety role within a water-based environment. The course includes fundamental rescue techniques for recovering craft and guests from the water.  It will also train the participants on the best practice conduct expected while driving a power boat, including keeping a lookout, avoidance of 3rd parties and appropriate zoning for different activities.
  • Safety Management Documents – Through this section the instructors will learn about the importance of supporting safety management documentation and how it can be used to practically support the daily activity operations at the resort. Including; Risk Assessments, Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plans, Reporting of Accidents and Incidents.

2.0       Customer Service

Maintaining and providing high levels of effective customer is integral to ensuring a positive customer experience.   A resort instructor plays an essential role with ensuring guests have a successful holiday.

  • Instructor Role – During the course the trainee instructor has the opportunity to demonstrate practically that they have the required personal qualities to maintain high standards of professionalism throughout their expected daily routines. The importance of adhering to an organizational Code of Conduct will be confirmed with the trainees during the program.
  • Interpersonal Skills – The program provides the opportunity for the instructors to practice and improve the effectiveness of their communication skills, including the quality of delivery and improving their ability to listen effectively. A section on how to deal with complaints is included in the program.
  1. Discover Water Sports

It is the role of an instructor to ensure that all training and coaching provided to their guests is of the highest quality.  This module will provide the fundamental knowledge required to ensure that any tuition guests receive will allow them to enjoy a positive water sports experience.

Primarily this module focusses upon how to teach the fundamental techniques required to sail a sailing Dinghy or Beach Catamaran.   The CSA recognize that the majority of resorts provide sailing activity using Hobie Waves.

Upon request it will be possible to tailor the level of training to meet the individual requirements of the resort dependent upon the types of water sport craft they use.

Course Design and Training

The course syllabus has been developed through consultancy with an internationally appointed Coach Developer (MSc Performance Coaching) who has 20 years experience of performing Water Sport and safety management audits for Resorts and Hotels.

In Antigua two experienced Antiguan Coaches  deliver the training and have been appointed as CSA Resort Instructor Trainers. Both have extensive experience of managing, training and coaching in a resort environment.

Application to Run the CSA Resort Instructor Course

The course has been designed to be a revenue generator for sailing clubs and programmes however because many of the islands have small markets the CSA wishes to work with MNA’s to agree which operations by island can run the programme. In order to gain access to the programme both the MNA and the Programme or Club must be a member of the CSA.

To apply for the programme please email

Official Centres Appointed to Teach the Resort Instructor Course

National Sailing Academy, Antigua

Instructors official Appointed as CSA Resort Instructor Trainers

Shawn Ambrose, Antigua
Sylvester Thomas, Antigua

Nick Dupre, Nevis & St. Kitts

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