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The robust 2016/17 sailing development committee made up of individuals representing south, central and northern Caribbean interests is working to build systems that will serve CSA long term objectives.
Sailing Development Committee Objectives:
• To promote and facilitate the growth of the sport of sailing.
• Support existing junior sailing programs and the establishment of new junior programs and clubs.
• Support existing and newly forming local, regional and international sailing events within the Caribbean.
• Assist Caribbean youth with the framework and logistical support to succeed in learning to sail within recreational level sailing, as well as local, regional, international and Olympic level competition.
• Compile information about the current state of junior sailing within the Caribbean including determining contact information, fleet inventories, coaching levels, and number of children served for each program. Make reports to CSA Board and ultimately share pertinent information and recommendations with Members.
• Liaison with World Sailing and World Sailing MNA (Member National Authority) delegate for each island country to help communicate information to Members, secure available grants and training opportunities, and communicate the needs and interests of the Caribbean region to World Sailing.

See the following tabs for calendaring, youth program contact list and other resources.




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