The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) proudly announces the commencement of the bidding process for hosting the prestigious 2024 Caribbean Dinghy Championship (CDC). As one of the most anticipated events in the Caribbean sailing calendar, the CDC brings together sailing enthusiasts from across the region for a thrilling showcase of skill and camaraderie.

The CSA encourages potential hosts, yacht clubs, and sailing organizations to submit their proposals by April 1st, 2024, via email to The selection and announcement of the host will be made within 30 days after the submission deadline.

Guidelines for Hosting Proposals:

1. Event Dates: Proposals should include the proposed format and dates for the CDC, with an emphasis on maintaining the event on the same weekend each year, ideally in the October/November timeframe.

2. Accommodations and Logistics: Hosts are encouraged to outline their ability to assist teams in attending through low-cost options, sponsorships, and other forms of support.The proposal should include accommodation options, costs, food and beverage plans, as well as transportation assistance.

3. Racing Management: The proposal should detail the type of boats available, charter fees, and the number of sailors the host club can accommodate per class. Information about the Regatta Director, Principal Race Officer, and the availability of online entry and scoring programs should be clearly outlined.

4. Boat Information: Hosts should provide information on the classes of boats offered, gear requirements for participating teams, and the availability of boats for practice before the regatta. A designated boat person for each class is recommended for efficient event management.

5. Promotion and Media Coverage: Hosts are expected to promote the event through various channels, CSA will assist in this process. Media coverage, including press releases before, during, and after the event, is crucial for enhancing the championship’s visibility.

6. Trophies and Prize Giving: The proposal should address the awarding of the CDC Nations Trophy and additional trophies, as per the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

The full Hosting Guide, including detailed information and guidelines, can be found here or on

The Caribbean Sailing Association looks forward to receiving innovative and comprehensive proposals from potential hosts, contributing to the success of the 2024 Caribbean Dinghy Championship. For more information, please contact:

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