News Article in the Sailing in Canada By Larry Huibers

If you’ve done it; you get it, if you haven’t; I’m betting you’ve spent a little (or a lot) of time dreaming of living the barefoot, lime in your beer lifestyle.

Azure waters of the Caribbean calls us like the sirens of the sea. For racers the winter racing circuit organized by the Caribbean Sailing Association is likely the very best four months of racing on earth. The challenge is how to get onboard. Flights from all over Canada are (relatively) easy, accommodations are plentiful, racing ranges mild to wild. The missing solution is a deck to plop your salt-soaked shorts on.

Post Covid the Caribbean Sailing Association is getting back to its previous highs. More and more options present themselves, it’s a matter of knowing where to look. If you are a fancy pants Cat 3 sailor, you wait by the phone for your RBO (Rich Boat Owner) to tell you where and when to be there. That is not many people’s reality including most fancy pants Cat 3’s.

Regular Joes make up the backbone of most sailing programs. You’re a regular Joe or Josee so let’s get you there:

Step 1; Be realistic about what you bring to a program. Your network of contacts contains your answer. If your rolodex is limited to local club or one design sailing that’s your skill, in the eyes of the critical crew boss. Don’t be discouraged – work every angle you know.

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