The CSA and Mission

The CSA and Mission

About Us

The Caribbean Sailing Association was previously called the Caribbean Yachting Association and prior to that the West Indies Yachting Association. It is a federation of territories and sailing clubs of the Caribbean who initially associated in order to practically promote sailing activities in the Eastern Caribbean which has since broadened to cover the entire Caribbean region.

The CSA operates in parallel with the world body of sailing which is the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). In each country the ISAF has a “National Member Authority”.

Some of the clubs are themselves National Authorities, some are federations and others are clubs associated to another federation or another national authority depending on the political status of the territory. They all have in common geographical proximity in the Caribbean Region.


The mission of the Caribbean Sailing Association is to promote sailing within the region, and Caribbean sailing to the world. The CSA also administers Rating Rules to provide a simple and fair handicap system for racing. Additionally, the CSA serves as a forum for yacht clubs, regattas, sailing organizations and sailors throughout the Caribbean to coordinate interests and events, exchange ideas and best practices, and combine voices to achieve broader exposure to the international community.



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