Get a CSA Rating

Get a CSA Rating


CSA Rating Rules

The CSA has four rules in use: the CSA Main Rule (Monohull), the CSA Multihull Rule, the CSA Simplified Rule and the CSA Classic Rule .

The Main Rule

The CSA Main Rule requires an “in the water” measurement.  All measurements used can be taken while the boat is afloat.

To get a rating:

  1. Please click the link here to fill in the form to request a measurement and pay.
  2. Select a measurer from our full list.
  3. Arrange a date, time and location to be measured.
  4. The CSA measurer you contact will advise on preparing the yacht to be measured, measure the yacht and issue a rating.
  5. If you have had a partial measurement: Click here to head back to our form to confirm payment of the agreed amount.
  6. Certificate will be issued.

Preparing a yacht for measurement
While some light, racy yachts are measured empty, most yachts are measured in racing trim – that is with the minimal gear, fuel and water it normally races with (as light as it may be at any point in time while racing) – but without the crew.  (Refer to your CSA measurer for details.)

The owner is responsible for presenting his yacht for measurement in a condition described above and in a location where the water is sufficiently calm to ensure an accurate measurement (a location at a dock with space around it is normally preferable).   The Owner (or his agent) must have a dinghy available and be in attendance to assist as necessary.

The Owner must make available all sails requiring measurement – or provide appropriate certified data for these sails (from a reputable sailmaker or another internationally recognized measurer).  These include the largest headsail, the largest asymmetric spinnaker and the largest symmetric spinnaker to be used while racing. If the owner wishes to race with two headsails downwind he must also present this second headsail for measurement.  A smaller headsail can also be measured for use in the alternative headsail rating the CSA Rating Rule offers.

If the headsail attached to the roller-furler does not have a sailmaker’s certificate, it must be taken down before the measurer arrives.

The owner must be aware that he cannot race with any larger sails than those declared.

Receiving these measurements in advance will save time on measurement day.  Otherwise, sails will have to be physically measured. Your sailmaker can do this for you in his or her loft or may be able to provide the information.  Measurements required are as follows:

Mainsail – 25% girth; 50% girth; 75% girth; 87.5% girth; top headboard width.

Genoa – Luff length LP; 25% girth; 50% girth; 75% girth; 87.5% girth.

Spinnaker – luff length; leech length; foot length; mid girth.

Dimensions for the largest sails are required.

Information Required

The following information should be readily available for the measurer:

  • Owner’s Name, Address, Email and Phone number
  • Captain’s Name, Address, Email and Phone number
  • Sail Numbers
  • Model, Design, Class or Type
  • Year of First Launch
  • Maximum Draft – from ship’s plans or other recognized data sheet
  • Minimum Draft – for a lifting keel/centreboard
  • Drawing or photo showing underwater profile of yacht
  • Propeller type, Number of blades, With/Without Strut, Retractable, etc.
  • Materials used in Construction of Hull, Keel and Rudder
  • Materials used and Cut Pattern of Sails

Fees for 2021 (see additional information at bottom of page)

Complete measurement (a) US $2.00 per foot plus (b) US $5.00 per foot.

Partial measurement (a) US $2.00 per foot plus (b) Measurer’s hourly rate.

Annual Update involving no measurement (a) US $2.00 per foot plus (b) US $25 flat rate.

Each Measurer’s hourly rate may differ according to which island he/she is based in. Typically, a charge of US $1.00 per foot is charged for a small deck or sail measurement.

2020 CSA Measurement Fees Other Rules

All measurements are valid for 1 year and required an Annual Update

Rating System           Full                                   Update

CSA Simplified          US $2.00 per foot            US $25.00 + $1.00 per foot

CSA Main                     US $7.00 per foot             US $25.00 + $2.00 per foot

CSA Classic                  US $2.00 per foot             US $25.00 + $1.00 per foot

CSA Multihull             US$$4.00 per foot           US$25.00 + $2.00 per foot

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