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The Caribbean Ocean Racing Club is pleased to introduce the Windward 500 race series, an environmentally focused low-carbon footprint sailing event. With an inspiration to achieve Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana’s Clean Regatta status and attention to World Sailings’ Offshore Racing Environmental Code, we invite you to join the race to resilience. “As the world begins to look towards building back better from the COVID-19 crisis, the Caribbean seascape holds the key to a rewarding, prosperous future for Eastern Caribbean small states.” “The paradigm shift, from small island developing states to large ocean developing states, has started with the blue economy at the epicenter of sustainable wealth creation for the Eastern Caribbean.” OECS – CROP and World Bank Blog, 2020 The pandemic has awakened the resilience of the OECS and Windward Islands yacht racing community. The Caribbean Ocean Racing Club has risen to the challenge, organized and designed a race series that respects regional Covid-19 protocols, keeps the spirit of sportsmanship alive, and embraces purpose. We recognize that we live in the Blue Economy. Therefore, we must sustainably utilize our maritime assets, our ideal sailing grounds, safe harbors, and haul-out facilities. In support, competitors and followers of the race are called to raise the visibility, act, and champion relevant public and private sector, renewable energy, sustainability, and resilience projects. We envision the race inspiring people to embrace, develop, engineer, procure and construct these vital projects so that we may achieve the nationally determined contributions to meet environmental goals set forth by the Paris Climate Accord. Competitors will lend their voices, stories, photos, and videos, in print, online, and in interviews, to the efforts that our Caribbean governments, businesses, and individuals are making. Join us in a race to a cleaner future!

Challenge the Race – Start 17th May 2021, 08:30

Put yourself behind the wheel of this unique offshore race round the Windward Islands, from your Start/ Finish Island, on 1 of 3 courses. In the spirit of the perennial Pineapple Cup 800nm Miami-Montego Bay Race, the exciting RORC Caribbean-600 in the Leeward Islands, this Race offers the splendor of the Windward Islands to racers seeking a new challenge. The Windward-500, Course A, is a 500nm race round Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, round Diamond Rock off Martinique, a beat to windward to pass a waypoint off Sandy Lane on the West Coast of Barbados, and a run down to Grenada. The Windward-Sprint, Course B, is a 300nm race between Barbados, Sail Rock in the Grenadines & Bequia. The Windward-Rally, Course C, offers novice double handed, keen cruisers, and charter fleet captains a safe but challenging 360nm windward/leeward race on the leeward side of all the islands. Competitors finish at their start island, therefore there is no need for a return delivery of the boat or flights for crew after the event. The Windward Islands offers serious offshore double handed racers ideal conditions to train for International double handed events and the Olympics. Prize giving will be on-line with suitable recognition for podium finishers and the initiatives that they advocated for. For those finishing their racing season after this race, the sheltered harbors, haul-out facilities and yards of the Windward Islands are ready to secure yachts till the next sailing season. Pressed into action by the pandemic, focused by a drive for resilience in our sport, and challenged to be active advocates for projects that impact us all, come join the Caribbean Ocean Racing Club for the Windward 500 Race Series on 17th May 2021. Take up the call to action today, everyday, and come challenge the race to resilience.

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