The offer relates to a container of 19x RS Tera sailboats (new and un-used), as well as spare parts + accessories. These boats were due to be used as charter boats at an RS Tera class international event that was unfortunately cancelled due to the Corona Crisis.

This container of boats and equipment is now on its way back the United Kingdom and, as the boats are already packed up in the container and we would need to pay to have them released from the port before they come back to RS headquarters, we would obviously like to be able to ship this equipment straight back to a new and deserving home when they land in the United Kingdom port in around 10 days’ time.

This being the case, the offer price (outlined below) has been subsidised by RS to create an offer price that is above and beyond the normal export rate. This is due in part to some event sponsorship and charter fees that are already listed against the value of this shipment, as well as the fact that containerisation fees have already been covered by RS Sailing as part of the costs of the initial shipment.

The offer includes the goods listed below, which we plan to sell together as a complete order:


  • 12x RS Tera Sport sailboats (complete)
  • 7x RS Tera Pro sailboats (complete)
  • 19x Top Covers
  • 19x Launching Trollies


  • 4x Additional Pro Mainsails (4.8m2 Mylar)
  • 12x Additional Sport Mainsails (3.6m2 Reefable Dacron)
  • 5x RS Tera Tiller Extensions
  • 1x RS Tera 6:1 kicker system upgrade
  • 6x Additional RS Tera masts


  • 2x Hawk Wind Indicators
  • 3x RS Tera Pro Class Flags

TOTAL COST: £29,778.80 GBP (excluding cost of onward shipping from the UK to a final destination port and destination terminal handling charges / duties that may be payable on imported goods)

This offer represents an amazing opportunity to obtain stock of RS Tera sailboats with which you could either use as part of your day-to-day operations (if applicable) or sell on to your contact network (customers), generating great levels of margin in the process due to the ‘per boat’ value of boats in this order being much lower than the standard export prices that we are able to sell at.

If you are interested, we will require payment of the full order value to confirm the order. This offer will expire the moment we receive a formal request from one of you to secure the order.

For more information on this offer please contact

Dan Jaspers- International Business Development – RS Sailing
Tel: +44 (0) 2380 972 324
Mobile / Cell: +49 (0) 1727 045 326

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