Twelve Caribbean Countries have entered a total of 29 competitors in the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. The Sailing Competitions are slated to be held at the Yacht Club Peruano in the city of Paracas between August 3rd, and 10th, 2019. After an initial postponement due to weather all races are back on track.

The Caribbean countries that have entered Sailing Competitors are; Antigua and Barbuda (3 Sailors), Aruba (4 Sailors), Barbados (1 Sailor), Bermuda (1 Sailor), British Virgin Islands (1 Sailor), Cayman Islands (1 Sailor), Cuba (7 sailors), Dominican Republic (2 Sailors), Puerto Rico (5 Sailors), St. Lucia (1 Sailor), Trinidad and Tobago (2 Sailors) and the Virgin Islands (1 Sailor).


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