As many of you know, The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is vitally important to our sport as the world governing body for the sport of sailing, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

ISAF is responsible for:

  • the promotion of the sport internationally;
  • managing sailing at the Olympic Games;
  • developing the Racing Rules of Sailing and regulations for all sailing competitions;
  • the training of judges, umpires and other administrators;
  • the development of the sport around the world; and
  • representing the sailors in all matters concerning the sport.

So with that background, to then realise that Eric Tulla from Puerto Rico is this year running for the role of President, should be of great interest.

In order for him to gain this presidency each of the voting associations such as MNA’s need to attend the 2012 Annual ISAF Conference in Ireland in November and place their vote if they would like to see a Caribbean representative as President, and see some substantial changes.

Eric has written a letter to the CSA to explain his thoughts on his priorities and a little about his background to help you make a decision on if you would like to support him.  Also for your consideration are:

Eric’s position paper on ISAF for 2012 POSITION PAPER PDF

Eric’s Sailing Profile exhibiting his long career in sailing. Eric A. Tulla Sailing Profile

Dear Friends,

My name is Eric Tulla and I am a candidate for President of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

My service as Vice President on the ISAF Executive Committee this term has convinced me of the need for significant change in ISAF if we are to provide vital leadership to sailing in the future.

I believe that many of the ISAF Member National Authorities (MNAs) have been under represented within ISAF. We need to provide better communications and services to the MNAs. We need to empower the MNAs. This situation requires urgent attention by the ISAF.

My program is to make this necessary change in ISAF.  I perceive that such change is desired by most MNAs around the globe who are not always counted upon or listened to about the important decisions affecting the world of sailing. Coming from the island of Puerto Rico, I am intimately aware of the needs of these MNAs.

I believe that my experience and background will be an advantage in leading ISAF into the future.

I have sailed and competed in different boats and events, from native wooden sloops to dinghies, catamarans, the Olympic Soling, and handicapped racer cruisers, and from local events to multiple Pan American Games, the 1984 Olympics, World Championships, and, recently, the 2007 Centomiglia. I have also served the sport of sailing in multiple roles during this time: as a director and officer, including president of my MNA; as an officer of continental and regional sailing federations, and as an ISAF International Judge, Council member and Vice President.

With the support of the MNAs in our region and others around the world, I intend to lead ISAF in a new direction.

It would be an honor to receive your Federation’s nomination for President of ISAF.  The nomination letter has to be received by the ISAF Secretariat by September 15, 2012. I also look forward to receiving your delegate to the elections in Ireland on November 10, 2012 and counting on your vote.

Please feel free to call or email at any time at the numbers below.

Thank you,

Eric A. Tulla
+1-787-365-3838 (mobile)
etulla1 (skype)

Please encourage your MNA to vote for Eric and help strengthen representation of Caribbean Sailing at ISAF. If you would like to assist, please send the link to this nomination form now.
Nomination form for Eric Tulla-4


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