The Dragon Class, last included in 2009, will be re-introduced into the 2019 Classics in April. These sleek, 8.9m one-design boats are true classics, over 80 years old. The basic design of the long keel and elegant metre-boat lines remains unchanged but today’s Dragons are constructed using the latest technology to make the boats durable and easy to maintain. The appeal of the Dragon lies chiefly in the well-balanced sail plan coupled with a highly flexible and controllable rig.

A totally new class, to include and to encourage the more recent classic yachts, is entitled Historic pre-1976. Yachts designed and built before this date in any material with any keel configuration are eligible, such as certain Sparkman and Stephens designs or Nautor’s Swan and Baltic. Applications will be considered by the Steering Committee whose decision is final regarding acceptance or rejection. Meanwhile the Registration process has been much simplified and the rating system made more transparent. Register now at

Recent entries include the magnificent 1936 Fife Eilean, rescued from Antigua’s mangroves in 2006 by former Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati, who had her restored to her former glory and arranged her triumphant return to Antigua for the 2012 Classics: we welcome her back again. Other expected participants can be viewed at the above link

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