On Thursday 31st March, we held a zoom meeting inviting all CSA members to participate. With those who joined in on the meeting, we have agreed that we would support and actively promote the Steering the Course initiative this year.

Member Clubs and Sailing schools that will be participating this year should register with World Sailing to get additional resource support through your MNA. Once you have registered, please also reach out to us so we can promote your initiatives. Think broad! From sailing try-outs, to racing, fun combined with educational aspects and perhaps even consider kite foiling, radio controlled sailing and other watersports like kayaking, SUP, etc. To further help organizing this, we have created a google form for collaboration. Here you will enter country, Yacht Club/ Sailing School, Activity etc.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScy-ka36dH0ZoN1QMn-wjiiysTi-DU0slqtErRKdsXlW5sjyw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0

Leading up to the event, we would like to highlight women who contribute to sailing around the Caribbean. We are asking you to highlight the women in sailing in your country by emailing a photo or video and biography to news@caribbean-sailing.com. We can then put Caribbean women in the spotlight leading up to the Steering the Course event!

Last year we tried to coordinate the events, so that we would have a big impact coming from the Caribbean. This year we are asking everyone to work within their own schedules, as some of you may even plan multi-day or several events in the allocated week. Therefore we suggest everyone to use the same hashtag in social media posts so we can promote our efforts from the region: #SteeringtheCourseCaribbean. Please also include CSA in your tags and hashtags so we can pick it up on our social media.

The Event

World Sailing is aiming to break records this year with Steering the Course – the global women’s sailing festival – after taking the world by storm in its debut year in 2021.

With events staged in 27 countries, Steering the Course – aimed at providing opportunities for women and girls to get into sailing and encourage pathways into coaching and race management – reached major milestones.

World Sailing is inviting all sailing organisations around the world to sign up to Steering the Course 2022 for a total of 20 days of activities across two festivals:

Northern Hemisphere, 20-29 May
Southern Hemisphere, 30 September-9 October

To read more about Steering the Course, take a look at the World Sailing information: https://www.sailing.org/2022/03/02/steering-the-course-2022-set-for-record-year/ .

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