Hopefully you will have read, seen or heard about World Sailing’s new initiative ‘ Steering the Course’ which has been designed to increase the participation of women in the sport of sailing.

From their handbook – ‘Steering the Course is an international festival which will provide opportunities for women across the world to get into sailing, as well as encourage pathways into coaching and race management. This is a global initiative to bring together sailing communities, highlighting the achievements of women already within the sport, as well as attracting those who have never tried it before. We are now inviting our Member National Authorities to sign up to support the event and then engage their clubs and centres to take part in the range of activities suggested. We want MNAs and clubs to be able to structure the event to suit them best, so there are a number of activity ideas that can be used.’ Overall this event aims to bring together. Get all the info here

The CSA board have agreed we would like to encourage all members, clubs and programmes to host an event on Sunday May 30th as a way of driving awareness of the participation of women  in our sport across the region.

What you do on that day is entirely up to you, and in the information provided World Sailing has suggested some ideas – whether it’s an awareness day, an open day, a regatta or workshops. It’s all about you inviting women into the sport who have not previously been involved and bringing women together in the sport as role models to encourage others.

World Sailing has asked for MNA’s to register to receive promotional support and submit what will be happening in each country, so please get in touch with your MNA to ask if they have already registered and see what you can cook up together.

Do keep us in the loop with your plans so that we can help promote what is happening island by island.

The event date is list on our event calendar here

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