Sailors for the Sea has officially launched an updated Clean Regattas program! As you may have heard, this revamp includes some exciting new updates and we hope they make the process easier for everyone. To recap:

  1. The Best Practices have been reduced and streamlined to the twenty that are most impactful. You can now better focus your efforts on the actions that matter most, across events of all sizes.
  2. Your certification level will be automatically calculated for you upon selection of the Best Practices you are planning to accomplish.
  3. While the updated Toolkit outlines a multitude of ways to complete each Best Practice, they have left lots of room for creativity in terms of the ways you can accomplish these sustainability goals, regardless of your capabilities or constraints. We hope this program can be utilized by even more events around the world.

If you have a regatta coming up, you are invited to register your event with the updated system. To learn more, check out the new 2020 version of the Toolkit.

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