Objectives and By-Laws

The promotion of Caribbean Sailing within the region and to the world

Objectives and By-Laws

The objectives of the Caribbean Sailing Association as listed in its By-Laws are:

  • To govern, promote and encourage interest and participation in the sport of sailing in the Caribbean.
  • To facilitate the Members to compete in local and overseas sailing events and to provide them with the framework and logistical support to succeed at the International and Olympic level.
  • To administer rating rules for sailboats of various sizes and types.
  • To promote educational programs and the training of sailors, measurers, race officials and race management personnel for participation in regional, national, and international competitions.
  • To sanction sailing events in the Caribbean and be the governing body to orchestrate the official CSA race calendar.
  • Other objectives that the CSA determines from time to time that will further the mission and goals of the CSA.


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