Regatta Covid Updates

Regatta Covid Updates

As we move into the winter months, minds turn to the Caribbean racing season. For 2021/2 this continues to be a complex issue as different countries react to the local conditions. To try and assist in planning, the CSA has listed links below to each regatta’s website, and each regatta website should have some level of consistency in the information they are providing. That way, you can easily research the information you need to make your plans to race in the Caribbean this coming season.

The information will include:

Travel corridors/bubbles – this will be the latest information at the time of reading of any agreements in place between countries to allow travel without quarantine or a link to the official country website with that information.

Testing and Vaccination – summarising testing and vaccination requirements on entering the country or a link to the official country website with that information.

Protocols – protocols such as social distancing, mask wearing, sanitisation and size of gathering limitations will be summarised or a link to the official country website with that information.

Regatta Specific – this will specifically address the plans the regatta has to modify its event to work within the guidelines that have been set by its government on travel corridors, testing and protocols, therefore what the island can deliver for you as an event. This section will be updated if protocols change and be communicated from the regatta to its participants. As the CSA receives these updates they will be summarised on the news links to the right of this page (or below if on mobile).

A great resource for all islands is Noonsite who is keeping on top of the ever changing protocols across the region. In the table below we have provided links out to the regatta specific pages along with the Noonsite link for the country, which also includes a link to their summary of COVID specific changes by country.

This page  on Noonsite summarises the current situation of who is open and closed across the region with links to more details.

For island specific links please check the table below.

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