CSA Traveller’s Trophy

CSA Traveller’s Trophy

The CSA Traveller’s Trophy has been awarded for more than 20 years and was based loosely on the old Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle which took place in the 80’s.  Prior winners of the trophy include famous Caribbean sailors and those based in the region for the season such as Jamie Dobbs (who won the first three years), John Foster, Hugh Bailey, Bernie Evan-Wong, Dougie Myers, Tom Hill, Scott Ledbetter, Andrew Birk, Jaime Torres and of course Sandy Mair, the creator of the trophy. In 2019 and 2020 the trophy was won by Pamala Baldwin’s Liquid, and they are the first entry for the 2021 season.  Will they make it a hatrick?

Fill in the form on the right side of the page and submit the entry form to be scored for the Traveller’s Trophy.

The purpose of the Trophy is to award Effort (in travelling to away regattas) and Excellence (doing well) in Caribbean events:

  • Effort is assessed by rating the number of qualifying events across the region that a boat races seasonally, the region being divided into three sub-regions (North, Central and South), and weighted scores being applied for home and away regattas with an additional factor added if a boat completes races in all three regions.
  • Excellence is assessed by points assigned based on 1st to 8th place in events and weighted based on number of boats in each event.

The regions include islands as follows:

  • South –  Grenada, Bequia (St. Vincent), Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Trinidad.
  • Central – Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Barth’s, St. Maarten.
  • North – St. Croix, St. Thomas, BVI, Puerto Rico.

If not already specified, each island will designate one primary event as their scoring regatta.

Boats will accumulate points over the season so that by season’s end an overall winner – “Caribbean Best Boat” – will emerge.  The competition is open to all yachts, local, regional, and visitors alike, racers and racer/cruisers – although visitors will be expected to remain in the Caribbean Territory for the bulk of the racing season between November and April.  Final totals are assessed at Antigua Sailing Week with the winner being announced and the trophy being awarded at the Antigua Sailing Week final awards presentation if the winner is in Antigua.

ALL yachts will be required to declare which island they consider their HOME island.  Note for boats in the VI, the islands of the British Virgin Islands and St. Thomas – although each holding separate scoring events – will be considered to be one and the same home base.

To qualify, a boat must do a MINIMUM of three regattas of which at least one must be in an AWAY region and at least one a MAJOR event.  A boat’s intention to do this should be declared with his initial entry at his first regatta by filling in the form below.  A boat may do as many regattas on the TOUR as desired and one can retrospectively decide to enter the competition even if a qualifying event has already been raced.

The MAJOR events include:

Antigua Sailing Week
St. Maarten Heineken Regatta
Les Voiles de Saint Barth
BVI Spring Regatta

All other qualifying events will be considered the TOUR events including:

Barbados Sailing Week
Grenada Sailing Week
Bequia Easter Regatta
St. Thomas International Regatta
Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta
St Lucia Mango Bowl Regatta
The Round Martinique Regatta
St. Croix International Regatta

SCORING will be as follows:

CLASS Position          Points – Majors          Points – Tour

First                                     10                                     8
Second                                  9                                     7
Third                                      7                                     6
Fourth                                    5                                     5
Fifth                                       4                                     4
Sixth                                      3                                     3
Seventh                                 2                                     2
Eighth                                    1                                     1

To encourage travelling to AWAY Regattas, the above scores will then have multipliers added as follows:

Boat sailing its HOME regatta                                        x  1.00
Boat sailing an AWAY regatta in its HOME region         x  1.20
Boat sailing an AWAY regatta in an AWAY region          x  1.30

Any boat sailing in ALL THREE regions – Final score   x 1.10

Fill in the form on the right side of the page and submit the entry fee to be scored for the Traveller’s Trophy.

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