It is with sadness that the board of the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) announces the resignation of Kathy Lammers. Lammers, President for the last two and a half years and Chairman of the Regatta Organising Committee of Antigua Sailing Week recently began a new role as Manager of Trent Port Marina in the City of Quinte West, Ontario, Canada.

The board of the CSA would like to wholeheartedly thank Kathy for her huge contribution to the CSA over the last eight years when she served first as treasurer and secretary and the last two and a half years as President.

Of her role Lammers said, ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving as board director and President of the CSA over the last several years. The CSA is a formidable group of members which works together across the region to the betterment of the sport. I look forward to seeing how the CSA continues to develop its strategies to further support the growth of sailing in the Caribbean’.

Lammers will now serve in an official role as Past President and according to the By-Laws the incumbent board must appoint an interim replacement for any positions which become vacant. As such, because the summer is a key planning time for the organisation, it has been agreed that the Vice Presidents of the organisation will take care of the business of the CSA up until the Annual General Meeting in October, when a new President will be elected.

Mark Theron from St. Kitts and Nevis is the Chairman of the Sailing Development Committee which is currently involved in the planning of the Caribbean Dinghy Championship as part of its overall remit to promote and facilitate the growth of the sport of sailing in the Caribbean Region.

Bob Hillier from St. Maarten is a member of the Rating Rule Committee. Working with Chief Measurer Bastien Pouthier and other members, the committee is currently focussed on updating the rule for the start of the 2019 racing season.

Jaime Torres from Puerto Rico is a professional sailor and a member of the calendar committee which is focussed on ironing out scheduling issues among key Caribbean regattas. The calendar is utilised as a key marketing tool to encourage more boats to come to the region and race the circuit each year.

Alison Sly-Adams from Antigua is a member of multiple committees and also oversees the secretariat. Her current focus is on the upcoming CSA Annual Conference which will include the Annual General Meeting to take place in Antigua in October.

The four Vice Presidents will work alongside treasurer Mike Green of St. Lucia, Secretary Pam Fuller of the BVI and Chief Measurer Bastien Pouthier on managing the overall business of the association. As is required by the CSA by-laws a nominating committee will be appointed by the Vice Presidents in August in readiness for nominating the new slate of directors in time for the October Annual General Meeting.

The board would also like to formally acknowledge and thank Past President Peter Holmberg for serving six years on the CSA board as President and Past President as well as many years prior to his presidency and for his invaluable input into the current structure and objectives of the CSA.

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